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Path of the Midnight Sun cover art

Confront the shadows within yourself

Visual Novel Shiori

A meaningful tale full

of moral choices

How do you stop a Demon King? A being who twists nature merely by existing, and who refuses to die?

The learned men of Arvium managed to capture His soul and render it impotent by sealing it within the body of a human… a “Vassal”.

Now, the fourth to inherit that burden, Lady Faratras Hoikade, is seen to murder her own subjects – her own control slips.

Or at least... so it appears. Was it the Demon? Or was it you?

Strategic battles fully

animated in Live2D

Inspired by genre classics, battles in Path of the Midnight Sun™ feature an intricate row-based battle system and Magic resource management.

Mana is a fleeting force, produced by the body in difficult situations - spells are a luxury to be used wisely, directly tied to the mental state of your heroes.

JRPG Battle Faratras
Tactical RPG Map

Explore the world of Arvium on tactical maps

Use your tactical skills to determine the best course of action, as every move you make will make time pass, affecting your foes' movements and many other events!

This map system brings novelty to the genre, being both easy to access and deep for those who wish to master it.

A choice-driven story!

Every choice you make may influence the characters' mental state, their relationship and the overall plot!

Orchestrated OST & Voice Over!

Composed with a lot of heart, the Original Soundtrack is fully orchestrated. The game also has professional Voice Over!

Investigate the scenes!

With a point-and-click system, read the characters' insight about whatever catches your eye and uncover every secret!

Forge your items, cook your food!

With the materials you collect, forge powerful weapons and cook delicacies to relieve your heroes from their stress.

Beautiful hand-drawn art!

Every character & background in the game is hand-drawn and animated in Live2D to preserve the artist's touch.

Assemble your team of travelers!

With a flexible Skill system, create the perfect builds for your characters, and assign them Adjutants to compliment their kit.

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Path of The Midnight Sun is the first indie game made by:

Alfred Kamon

studio daimon_logo 2022_round.png

Game Director, Game Designer, Programmer,

Writer, UX Designer, VFX Artist,

Marketing Director, Social Media Manager

Andrea Caranfil

Composer & Music Director

Nene Kantoku

Lead Artist, Character Designer, Character Artist, Background Artist

Iron Vertex Live2D Guild

Live2D Animations

Andrea Martorelli

Sound Designer


UI Artist

Molly Zhang

Voice Director


Icons & Battle background Artist


Release Date: January 10th, 2023!

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Path of the Midnight Sun™ ©2022 Studio Daimon

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